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In your opinion, what is the most acute problem that should be urgently solved by the new government?

Tuesday, November 27
“I think that there are lots of problems in the country and it is really difficult to address just one of them. First of all, socioeconomic issues should be solved and unemployment should be somehow reduced. In my mind, unemployment and the social environment requires too much to afford currently in Georgia.
Nana, physiatrist, 21

“First of all, communal tariffs should be decreased, as public interest concerning the issue is too serious. They should be decreased at least by 10-15%. The price on the everyday items should also be decreased by 18%.”
Irakli, Student, 20

“In my opinion it is urgently important to pay attention to the criminal cases which became frequent in recent years. But it does not mean that this is the only thing to concentrate on. For example the health and educational fields need special attention. ”
Keti, Reporter, 23

“The government should do its best to change the taxation system and make it a bit more liberal, so it is possible to easily develop the business environment, which will accordingly lead to creating more jobs for people.”
Saba, lawyer, 26

“I think the biggest pain for people is paying very high prices on gas and electricity. We understand that prices cannot be decreased by 50%, but reducing communal fees by at least 10% can be a help at some point. The government should review pricing on gas and electricity.”
Shota, driver, 45

“I think education ministry should define its policy on school graduates, as well as university entrants. High school students should know what kind of exams they will have to take to receive scholarships, how many of them will be financed by the state and how much studying fees will cost."
Elene, Housewife, 47

“It is difficult to say which of the problems is more important because our former government left really a lot of unsolved issues to their followers. The new government is just starting to make their steps in active political life and I think they still need some time to better realize the problems. But human rights related issues, supremacy of law and social programs should be the constant subject of their discussions.”
Salome, Musician, 27