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Upcoming changes in defense system revealed

By Keti Arjevanidze
Wednesday, November 28
Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee, Irakli Sesiashvili, held a press conference on November 27th. According to Sesiashvili, the main subject of the discussion was the cases that require a reinvestigation. The committee head also highlighted the steps that the Defense and Security Committee and the Ministry of Defense are going to take.

Sesiashvili welcomed the decision of the Ministry of Defense to create a committee that will revise the legality of soldiers’ dismissals. Sesiashvili requested that the Ministry of Defense and upcoming committee run the revision process transparently in order to create a feeling that the committee worked fairly and chose the worthy people. Although Sesiashvili added that the process will not finish with the committee’s creation and there will be a fundamental reassessment of the staff.

According to Sesiashvili, the dignity of many soldiers was violated, which is worth giving more attention to, Sesiashvili assures that efficient troops will not be created unless the soldiers are respected.

The Defense and Security Committee head also discussed the issue of the soldier’s riot in Mukhrovani in 2009. According to him, the case needs revision. He said that the riot was inspired and planned by the previous government. “All these were connected with the protest actions in 2009, so the case’s reinvestigation is inevitable in order to clear the opacity; many people who did not participate in the riot now are in prison; consequently, an investigation is important," Sesiashvili said.

Sesiashvili also highlighted the case of Zurab Zhvania’s death; he said that the investigation of this case is a matter of the country’s prestige. According to him, the country is now free from political pressure and many people will appear who will speak up about the details connected with Zhvania’s death. “It is fact that this case is not closed; the investigation of this case is very important. The previous government did not do it, there is a profound suspicion that it was done purposely,” Sesiashvili said.

Sesiashvili stated that his department with the Ministry of Defense is discussing the issue of the Armed Forces’ arrangement, its aims and tasks, but he avoided revealing the details at the current moment.

The Defense and Security Committee head mentioned the changes in the military's obligatory service. Sesiashvili explained that one year will be the duration of obligatory military service, instead of 15 months. “We will be given the opportunity to write the plan of the Armed Forces reform; the reduction term of the military obligatory service will begin step-by-step. In order to minimize the term, suitable training programs should be worked out,”Sesiashvili added.

Sesiashvili said that the country should be ready to contribute to international missions, “especially the missions that NATO is leading, because our priority is to be integrated with NATO," said Sesiashvili. According to Sesiashvili, Georgian soldiers’ participation in the Afghanistan Mission is important, but he explained that Georgia is not obliged to participate in the mission, “it is pure partnership-based contract,” Sesiashvili said.

Sesiashvili admitted that there is a transitional period in Georgia, “now is period when we want to show international society that all the processes in the country go fairly and without any political interference,” Sesiashili said.