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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Wednesday, November 28
Will Ashton’s visit influence on recent detainments in Georgia?

There should be no selective justice in Georgia, EU High Representative Catherine Ashton has stressed, following her meetings yesterday with the Georgian President and Prime Minister.

Rezonansi asked public figures whether Ashton’s visit will have any influence on the recent detainments.

Giorgi Shengelaia, Director: “I think Ashton’s statement is a continuation of those statements that have been made by the NATO chef and Deputy State Secretary recently. I believe that there is no selective justice in our country currently and many who were working in Saakashvili’s government are guilty.

I am sure that soon many details will be released that will prove the crimes committed by the president and former PM. What should the new government do? Do not punish those guilty people because of the Europeans? I think that the EU and NATO officials have always been very well informed about the details of crime that were committed by the president and his allies. However, they have never reacted about them.

Tea Tutberidze, representative of Liberty Institute: “I do not know what the government will do. I find the messages very adequate and correct. However, I have no idea whether this government will take them into account. We are witness of how Ivanishvili’s government detains people with inadequate reasons.

32 socially vulnerable families ask for help to the Swiss embassy

32 socially unprotected families have spent the night in front of the Swiss embassy in Tbilisi. They are demanding from the Swiss ambassador to help them in finding shelter. According to vulnerable people, they decided to hold a rally in front of the Swiss embassy because Switzerland carries out a project along with Tbilisi City Hall for socially vulnerable projects, which have not been done yet.

Protesters say that if their demands are not satisfied, they will address the US, German and French embassies for help.