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Do you think the criminal situation is getting worse in Georgia?

Wednesday, November 28
“Yes. And I know of some recent examples of crime which are really unusual for post-2004 Georgia.”
Albert, Reporter, 23

“No, I think it is nonsense to talk about increase of crime just because of the governmental change as the former governmental representatives try to claim.”
Mariam, MA Student, 21

“I do not want that the criminal rate might be increased in Georgia even in the case if there is a large scale amnesty in the country. I have such a feeling.”
Ani, Language Specialist, 24

“I think that unfortunately criminals will be grown in the country, the current ongoing reality makes me to think so.”
Nino, Teacher, 24

“Recently the facts of criminal cases are quite often covered by TV, there is an impression that the criminal situation is getting worse, but in my opinion, the impression is artificially created, maybe the media manipulates it. I don't know, it's quite a confusing situation.”
Keti, Interpreter, 41