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Goka Gabashvili holds press conference

By Keti Arjevanidze
Thursday, November 29
Goka Gabashvili, Chairman of United National Movement held a press conference on November 28th. Gabashvili estimated the current processes in Georgia and the new government’s steps.

Gabashvili admits that the decision taken by the Ministry of Finance to inspect the financial side of several services subordinated to Tbilisi City Hall is politically motivated.

Gabashvili said that the Georgian Dream could not understand that some structures are not subordinated to them. “Seemingly, the GD and its leader did not understand the democratic principle of cohabitation, it is strange for Ivanishvili that some structures are not in his subordination that is why the Revenue Service started inspection," Gabashvili said.

According to Gabashvili, the coalition’s aim by its recent pursuits is its political opponent’s complete disappearance from the political area.

Gabashvili claims that the Prime Minister affirmed the political pursuit’s existence when he declared that if the opposition parties do not change their rhetoric, the queues at the Prosecutor’s Office would not stop.

According to the UNM member, the governors and heads of the City Council’s are under pressure. Alternatively, the Revenue Service will come, criminal charges will be filed against you, or you have to resign; it happens in Tsalenjikha, in Poti, in Kvemo Kartli, almost everywhere," remarked Gabashvili, adding that these actions are coordinated by Giga Akhvlediani, who is Alasania’s friend and member of his team.

Gabashvili also mentioned the Revenue Service's financial investigation of various institutions. “Finance Minister Nodar Khaduri and the new government have politically pursued some institutions," stated the MP. Khaduri says. It is ridiculous that Khaduri is interested in the dynamics of taxes but not in the pressure that is on the media, "he said.

Gabashvili also discussed Ivanishvili’s postponed visit to the US, saying that it was not the right decision. According to him, the parliamentary minority will not be happy if the government is isolated.

“We are not glad that the new government is making so many mistakes in such a short period, we want to support the government in the normal development of political life, "he said.

Gabashvili criticized Ivanishvili’s appeal to the citizens to express patience and understanding approach towards the possible increase of crime in the country, “Amnesty is humane act, but we have to remember that society’s security is important too. I think there is not a leader in the world who tells people that they have to understand the criminal situation," he said.

According to the MP, there should be a careful approach towards the amnesty, and it has to be assured that we do not release the people who will contribute to an increase in criminal activity in the country.