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Do you have questions about the death of late PM Zurab Zhvania or do you believe the official version of his death?

Friday, November 30
“No, I don't believe the official version of Zhvania’s death because I think we all believe the unofficial reason. He was killed and it is a great shame for our country.”
Ana, Teacher, 34

“Probably no one believes in the official version of Zurab Jvania's death. Every aspect of the investigation so far has been suspicious. Many people hope that truth will be revealed one dayat least in honor of the PM's memory.”
David, IT support, 25

“I don't think that he was killed but there is something odd about it. I really don't have any information."
Saba, Student, 18

“I have various questions and a great desire that some secret materials should be made public.”
Irakli, Editor, 28

“There is no doubt that he was killed. There is an eyewitness who saw how killed Zhvania was brought inside the house who brought him in and so on. That person had to leave Georgia and is living abroad currently. He has been in several car crashes but has survived. Unfortunately, he is an invalid currently and cannot walk.”
Tato, Translator, 22

“I don't believe in the official version which was given by the previous government. I think the official explanation of death from a gas leakage is false."
Amiran, Engineer, 40