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Funding of agricultural sector

Monday, December 3
During their election campaigning, the Georgian Dream coalition, as well as the UNM, outlined agriculture as one of the top priorities, promising to invest huge amounts of money into this sector of the economy. Now, the Georgian Dream promises that it will create a 1 billion GEL foundation for promoting agriculture. The current minister of agriculture David Kirvalidze states that the fund will be created for 2013. According to the minister, currently the ministry is identifying and calculating the location and number of land plots available in the position of state or private sector. There is need for proper registration of those lands. The next step will be the introduction of the appropriate technical facilities to start cultivating these lands. The establishment of an agricultural foundation means investing in the different fields of agriculture, cultivating lands, arranging irrigation, introducing the necessary technology, providing fertilizers, as well as creating financial credits for the farmers, organizing insurance of agricultural works and other details which are necessary for the development of Georgian agriculture. A special program should be created for the marketing of agricultural products. PM Ivanishvili is personally committed to this program; however, unfortunately, the country is facing big challenges due to the faulty heritage received from the previous leadership.