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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Monday, December 3
Pardoned Convicts to Leave Prisons Next Week

Head of the state parole board, Elene Tevdoradze, says that the convicts that receive positive references from the board will presumably leave prisons next week, Rezonansi reports.

She says that the patriarchate sent them a 960-member list first, though it turned out that a portion of them were released on parole, some were pardoned and some of them refused to be pardoned and some of them had negative references from the prison administration. The list decreased to 550 convicts. Tevdoradze presumes that some of the convicts will receive positive references. She says the parole board may assemble twice before New Year. The parole board session started at the presidential residence. Former MPs and high-ranking officials Bezhan Khurtsidze, Kakha Anjaparidze, Nino Kalandadze, Nika Rurua and Andro Alavaidze participated in the meeting.

Does Gaeorgia lose western support?

Rezonansi quotes some influential politicians’ comments about the recent development in Georgia and asked some public figures what they think about it.

Nika Kavtaradze, Producer: “Georgia will not lose Western support, Europe is warning us. They tell us that they support Georgia and our nation and that it does not want Georgia to change its orientation. It is a real chance that Georgia will appear in the same place as Ukraine after Yushchenko’s gone.

Keti Dolidze, Director: “Let everybody care about their own problems and countries. Georgia will never lose Western support. We will stand firmly and the West will see Georgia’s unity. I do not see any similarity between Georgia and Ukraine.

Gia Murghulia, philologist: I do not have much contact with West in order to find out if we lose their support or not. This statement needs much discussion. However, if there is real threat of it, it will damage Georgia by all means. Although I believe things will improve and relations will be changed for better.