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Do you think that Merabishvili planned to leave the country using a fake passport?

Monday, December 3
“This case raises a lot of questions, and to tell you the truth, I did not get all details how Merabishvili was going to leave the country with a fake passport. Everybody in Georgia knows him and I think Merabishvili is smart enough not to create a new, rigged document. Although I do not exclude that he will try and avoid an investigation about the cases he is involved in.”
Nanuka, student, 24

“If it is true, I would say that Merabishvili is still living in the past time, the time when he was a high -rank official. Does he really believe that he will cross Georgia’s border under the name of Maisuradze? This is ridiculous, because old or young, men or women know Merabishvili very well. Who should be so stupid to let him leave the country as Levan Maisuradze?
Tazo, Football Player, 28

“Nobody will persuade me in this case. I think everything is invented to discredit his image. The previous government did a lot of bad things in the country, but I am sure that Merabishvili is not a person who plans to escape from the country. If it is true, he would have gone long ago, right after the elections. He did not have any problem then.”
Lali, housewife, 54

“This is a case that is rather vague and I cannot make any comment so far. I have not seen the video footage that might persuade me to believe that he was really going to cross the country border illegally with a fake document. Let us wait for the investigation.”
Natia, Manager, 36

“I think he was really going to escape. As far as I know, he made this passport last year, so he was thinking about government changing in the country. As for this particular case, maybe he was thinking to cross the border under a different name and nobody would ever have been aware that Merabishvili is out of the country. This is a very real scenario but it has failed.”
Guram, economist, 42