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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Tuesday, December 4
About 80 employees dismissed from state chancellery

Rezonansi reports that about 80 employees have been discharged from the state chancellery recently. The press office of the Prime Minister states that this is all about the reorganization of the ministry and claims that every dismissed person was warned about it.

“There is structural reorganization in the state chancellery. There is more staff than there should be. That is why we made such decision,” the chancellery office statement says.

Irakli Alasania: neither of the detainees are political prisoners

In his interview to Asaval-Dasavali, Minister of Defense Irakli Alasania responded to Western critics about selective justice in the country and said that there is no such tendency in Georgia and everybody detained by the new government has committed a crime.

“In this country, nobody will have immunity to the crime they have committed. We are telling the same thing to everyone– selective justice has finished. The rule of law is our top priority and everybody will be punished despite their positions including ministers and high officials,” Alasania said.

The defense minister responded to Western critics. He says that the international community had almost no reaction when Saakashvili’s government was arresting people and torturing them in prisons, accordingly they should share the responsibility, although some of them do not want to do it. Alasania says that Saakashvili was busy building a good PR campaign abroad and there was a different image of Saakashvili and his government abroad.

Alasania added that communication should be intensified with the international community from the new government’s side.