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Do you think Georgia's positive vote for Palestine's increased status in UN was the correct decision?

Tuesday, December 4
“I believe that Georgia should refrain from expressing opinion concerning the issue. We have the new government and it would be more positive if the government representative would have refrained from making such decisions which would irritate others.”
Zaza, Security Specialist, 37

“I consider that it was a very foolish decision from our government’s side. One should not cut that tree he sits on..."
Irakli, Editor, 28

“Well, I am not interested in politics and have no idea what is ongoing in this field. I am not interested in it at all.”
Nika, Photographer, 26

“I think Georgia and Israel had good relations and they somehow considered one another’s interests. This is why I think Georgia’s step may have a negative effect on their future diplomatic cooperation.”
Ia, Dentist, 31

“I feel that the new government first talks and then thinks. I really worry about the possible dramatic changes my country may experience in future.”
Ilia, Football-player, 26

“Probably not the best decision Georgia could have made, but I don’t think the decision will bring negative results for the country. Hopefully Israel will continue to be our close partner, as it has been for centuries. “
Nana, Housewife, 52

“Don’t even know what to think about it, but Georgia has to be very careful with other similar decisions; we have to remember our problems with Abkhazia and South Ossetia that still have to be solved and we need international support, we should not spoil the relations with our partner countries like the U.S and Israel.”
Nini, student, 21