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Georgian wines back to Russia

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, December 6
Georgian wine is Georgia’s main agricultural product that is exported worldwide. However, since 2006, export of Georgian wines to Russia was banned. Currently, it seems as if Georgian wine will be returning to the Russian market eventually. In 2005, Georgia exported 30 million liters of wine to Russia. If the export of Georgian wines is resumed at the initial stage only about 10 million liters of wine could be exported to Russia. But slowly Georgian wine makers hope to increase their export and restore the reputation of Georgian wines in Russia. Losing the Russian market served good for Georgian wine-makers. To enter other markets, Georgian wine-makers had to seriously improve the quality of their wines to make it compatible with the wines made around the world. However, not all the wine-makers are targeting to go back to the Russian market; some will continue exporting wine to the European and American markets.