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Thursday, December 6
Irakli melashvili was appointed as assistant secretary of Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili

Magda Popiashvili wife of the representative of the Coalition for Freedom of Choice and expert in the election issues, Irakli Melashvili, said her husband has already started working on a new position. Irakli Melashvili will be covering all the issues within his competence.

He was a member of the National Forum for years. After leaving the party, he worked in the NGO sector protecting journalist rights for the freedom of press and expression.

Kvela Siakhle informs.

Large amount of illegal weapons found in apartment

The Defence Minister's adviser, Vako Avaliani, said at a press conference on December 3, that the military police from the Vake-Saburtalo District Police Department removed from an apartment a large amount of illegal weapons. These included various calibres and models of rifles which are not registered anywhere. Information regarding these weapons became known after a citizen notified the Ministry of Defence with the information.

The investigation is under way. The owner of the weapons is not yet known.

According to the Head of the military police Kakha Tchikhradze, over 100 units of weapons were found in the apartment.

The Ministry of Defence asked the public to inform the authorities about such cases, Kvela Siakhle reports.