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Do you believe the recognition of political prisoners might create threat for Georgia's international image?

Thursday, December 6
“Of course, recognition of political prisoners will not be positive for the country’s international image. When you claim that you have a democratic country, but with political inmates no one will believe that you are really democratic… Having political prisoners in a country means that someone was arrested for different views. There is no sense in talking about democratic values when the right of expression is not preserved.”
Shota, Student, 21

“In general I think that the issue creates a threat for the country’s political image. No one will take seriously the country with so many political prisoners.”
Mano, Editor, 28

“Well, I think that this issue has its pros and cons. Of course, it is not nice fact that a state recognizes there being political inmates in the country; it will not have positive effect on the country’s image. However, on the other hand, there are political prisoners in the country and they should be released and given the status.”
Levan, Student, 21

“What is ongoing concerning the issue has more political grounds. It will not be positive for the country’s image.”
Koba, Lawyer, 48

“I do not think so. Because if Georgia has political detainees it is the part of our everyday life and we have to live with this fact.”
Tornike, PR Manager, 23