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Tourism still a priority for Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, December 7
The previously administration energetically promoted tourism as a major sector of the Georgian economy. "Tourism Will Save Georgia" became a informal slogan during the UNM government. However, the example of such heavily-touristic countries as Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal which have all experienced serious economic hardships in the last few years was not taken into account. The new administration also thinks that tourism is a major area of economic growth. The Ministry of the Economy has stressed that the tourism sector will continue to be developed but with a more reasonable approach.

During the previous government tens of millions of dollars were spent on promotional campaigns, something which the new administration will certainly cut. The Ministry of Economy also promised that the method of counting tourists will be improved. Previously everyone who crossed the Georgian border was considered a tourist, regardless of the purpose of their visit. Therefore relatives, businessmen, truck drivers, and ordinary holiday-makers were all lumped together.

According to official statistics more than 4 million people crossed the Georgian border so far this year. The most countries with the highest number of visitors to Georgia are Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia.