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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Friday, December 7
What do you think is the reason for the dramatic changes in the Georgian Dream and UNM approval ratings?

On December 3rd, the International Republican Institute (IRI) published the results of polling. When asked "Which political party would you vote for if presidential elections were held tomorrow?" 63% of respondents said they would support Georgian Dream's candidate; 13% would support the United National Movement's candidate and 3% would support the Christian Democrats' candidate.

IRI conducted similar studies in July and then the United National Movement had 37 % approval rating and Georgian Dream 24%.

How can you explain such a change in the ratings? Resonansi asked members of the public.

Gia Chirakadze (singer of "Georgian Voices"): In my opinion, the people were afraid of the UNM. They weren't honest when polled that's why earlier studies did not reflect the real picture. I think the latest published survey results are real. I think that 13% of people are in favor of the UNM. Now, the fear factor is no longer present.

Gia Macharashvili (composer): I donít know how accurate it is and who is conducting it .No one called and asked me. If we trust the results of this poll then perhaps we should say that this change is caused by the fact that public opinion has changed and people want something new. New research concerning this matter should be conducted so there are no doubts.

Giga Lortkipanidze (Director): The reason for this is the public support for the new party. I don't think an objective survey poll was conducted before the elections. Today it is difficult to trust this organization, but the last published results are closer to reality.

Gogi Khoshtaria (architect): I remember in the past 40% refused to participate in survey polls. They were afraid. Now fear has gone and these are the true results.