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What positive or negative changes can you name under the new government?

Friday, December 7
“I think that the one change which is the most obvious under the new government of Georgia is an attempt to restore justice in the country. I think that is very important. If people have a feeling of injustice economic advancement still doesn't mean much. I am waiting for economic advancement in the near future as well. However, it requires some time.”
Temo, Engineer, 28

“I like everything that is ongoing in the country. I think that the current leadership of Georgia requires more time to solve the problems and for positive changes to become more obvious. The former ruling party made so many mistakes that are impossible to solve in two months. Practically everything needs to be done from the beginning. We should give the coalition time to make changes.”
Tato, Translator, 22

“I will refrain from making any assessment. The coalition still doesn't have all levers in its hand. When they do making an assessment and speaking about the pros and cons will be easier.”
Avtandil, Economist, 27

“I don't see any changes yet, at least significant ones. It takes some time to make changes and the new government has been in power for about 2 months. Preferably we should wait a while and make an assessment later.”
Katy, law student, 21

“Some positive changes can be seen already. The judicial system has been improved, they are working on reducing gas and electricity prices and the Prosecutor’s Office has renewed investigations into some scandalous cases where the truth still needs to be revealed. I don’t think the government has caused any negative changes, at least yet.”
Tako, office manager 25

“I do not see any changes yet, neither positive nor negative. It is hard to make changes within a few weeks.”
Nino, teacher, 47