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What do you think about the construction in Rike Park?

Monday, December 10
“It is really horrible, I do not like it. That’s tube is really disgusting, I mean the future theatre. Garden is really nice. However, glass Bridge in the middle does not fit in the environment. This is the old area, the oldest part of Tbilisi. There are churches and such attractions which are interesting for tourists. Constructions made from glass really make the area ugly.”
Tato, Translator, 22

“I really liked the renewed version of Rika as the place has become better to spend time there as one can walk around and view the spectacular scenery”.
Saba, Student, 18

“I do not like it. I think that the constructions which have been carried out on the spot is out of context and do not fit in old Tbilisi scenery.”
Bachana, a company employee, 22

“That new constructions are really horrible, I do not like them, the shape of that concert hall is really disliked by me.”
Madona, resource officer, 25

“I have not been there yet and I can not say anything concerning the area.”
Nino, Teacher, 25

“First of all we have to admit that Rike and many other parts of the city need to be somehow renewed, but the authentic look of the city should be maintained. The project is horrible I think, the new architecture city municipality is trying to establish does not fit in the original city architecture and this is totally unacceptable, we should restore Tbilisi and build new buildings, but all this should be done very carefully. Tbilisi is a unique city and we have to take care of it”
Ninia, service manager, 34

“Can’t believe that the project of Rike has been approved, those “tubes” are disgusting, no beauty no taste. I understand that lots of money has already been spent on the construction, but I really prefer those “tubes” to be taken down.”
Zaza, economist, 45