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Tuesday, December 11
Ambassador Philip Dimitrov congratulates the newly appointed Public Defender

“On the occasion of the celebration of the World and EU Human Rights Day, I wish to congratulate Mr Ucha Nanuashvili on his appointment as the new Public Defender/Ombudsman.

Mr Nanuashvili's long standing commitment to the defence of Human Rights will help to enhance a more effective handling of individual complaints; and will also increase the awareness of human rights among state institutions and Georgian citizens.

The EU is committed to work along with the Ombudsman in a spirit of genuine partnership in order to support and ensure the respect of the human rights.

Gurjaani self-government has new chairperson

The Gurjaani Sakrebulo [self-government] has a new chairperson and municipal government. Twenty MPs have voted for the candidacy of Avtanil Zardiashvili, after which he nominated Joni Osiashvili as the candidate for the governor`s designate.

The vote was objected to by the members of the Georgian Dream coalition, who disapproved of the candidacy of Avtandil Zardiashvili. They accused him of being a member of the United National Movement during the election campaign.
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Laboratory tests showed no drugs in Gunava`s body

The laboratory expertise has confirmed that Tengiz Gunava, former chief of the general inspection of the ministry of internal affairs, has not taken drugs during past four months. The chemical analysis was carried out using the hair of the defendant, which revealed no narcotics in his body.

Tengiz Gunava has filed a complaint at the chief prosecutor`s office, accusing the officers who recently detained him, of putting a gun in his clothes and forcing him to take narcotics mixed with mineral water. He says his rights were violated and he was a victim of pressure. Gunava`s lawyer says they are demanding granting status of an injured party in this case to his defendant.
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Secret phone surveillance service closed at DM

Secret phone surveillance service will be closed at the military police of the ministry of defence of Georgia. According to the minister, the appropriate technical devices will be handed over to the ministry of internal affairs soon. “We have a very bad experience in recent years of using these means against political oppositions and we do not want to maintain this system in our structure. Now we hope that the decision about handing over this function and system to the ministry of internal affairs will be officially signed,” Minister Irakli Alasania has said.
(Rustavi 2)

Georgian Sailors are in Unbearable Conditions at Panama coast

Georgian sailors on board the ship near Panama’s coast say that the crew is starving as they have no food, a letter from the Maria del Carmen crew states.

The sailors say that they are in “sordid conditions”. They inform that the ship has no electricity, fridges don’t work and their food supply went bad. The temperature sometimes reaches +40 Celsius. The people on board the ship have been starving as there is not food. Some crew members have not received their salary since July and August. The sailors allege that they must be paid salaries from September, October, November and December. They say that the local Panama agency, the ship owner, Panama port administration and Batumi agency “Fregat” Director Irakli Dumbadze have been informed about it. The sailors say information suggesting there are no problems on the ship is wrong.

They say there was an interview on some news casts without verifying information with them that all the ship-related problems were solved and they are only waiting for the tickets for repatriation, which is not true.

The sailor says that only two people paid attention to the crew: Georgia’s ambassador in Mexico Malkhaz Mikeladze and Georgia’s consul in Mexico Guram Kandamishvili.

The sailors ask the media to inform Georgia’s President, Prime Minister and Georgian government about this.