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What do you think about the level of human rights protection in Georgia?

Tuesday, December 11
“I think that human rights are not protected in Georgia as defending of human rights means that all citizens’ rights are defended. There is selective mode in this regard in Georgia. There is category whose rights are never violated when on the other hand other citizens’ rights are not protected.”
Mani, Editor, 27

“Well, I think that the protection of human rights stands on the middle level in Georgia. Thus, it needs to be improved.”
Nino, Journalist, 26

“I consider that human rights are not as protected in Georgia as it should, as it happens in democratic and civilized countries.”
Anna, Language Specialist, 24

“I think human rights are not at all protected in Georgia– at least in recent years I had the feeling as if I were just a puppet among many bother puppets because I felt scared to express my opinion about politics. I know a lot of people who felt the same and it is the worst thing for me when you cannot protect your moral rights.”
Elene, MA Student, 23

“I think human rights protection is very low in every direction: the labor code, women’s rights and consumers’ rights are all severely violated and only NGOs try to promote public rights through their campaigns but often in vain.”
Mariam, Reporter, 23

“Unfortunately Georgia has very low rate of human rights protection but we should not blame anyone except from ourselves – we do not realize our rights and demand their protections from others, I think if every person would loudly talk about their own problems and insist that the authorities to protect them... everything would be all right and no one would have ever thought about neglecting people’s interests.”
Giorgi, Doctor, 34