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Are you insured? Are you satisfied with your insurance package?

Wednesday, December 12
I am not insured; currently I have no need for this I had international health insurance, but I could not use it and then I suspended it. In general, I can not use the insurance. If there is some need for me to be insured I will do this.
Natia, Facilitator, 33

Yes, I am insured but I am not satisfied with the service of the insurance company. At the beginning they tell you lots of things and you think that you are in a good position. However, when you see the doctor you discover that many of the services are not available through the insurance package.
Nutsa, Student, 18

I am not insured I did not like the conditions of almost all insurance companies in the country, unfortunately.
Khato, Designer, 48

I was insured but I wasn't satisfied so I canceled it 2 months ago, although my package was quite expensive, it didn't cover most hospital services.
Irinka, Reporter, 24

I have no insurance. I feel healthy enough to spare money for the service I cannot even use.
Giorgi, Football Player, 17

No I'm not, I don't believe in insurance.
Ia, MA Student, 22

I use healthcare insurance only. Actually Ive been insured for the last 3 years. The package Im using is always good, as far as Im using a corporate insurance and Im happy with the provided service so far. However, the packages which are offered to individuals are usually very poor and overpriced."
Nino, Customer Service agent. 30

Im not using any insurance. I think the package choices offered are very unsatisfactory.
Saba, Lawyer, 25