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Thursday, December 13
Where does the money for constructing new parliamentary building come?

The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) introduced the results of the media survey concerning the expenses of constructing the new parliament. IDFI had been trying to obtain public information since 2009 and managed to get some financial documentation from the Ministry of Finance and the State Service Bureau after the Parliamentary Elections in October, 2012.

It appeared that the Kutaisi Mayor's Office was in charge of building the Parliament in 2009-2010. According to the decision of the Georgian government signed in 2009, the Kutaisi Mayor's office received 5 million GEL for carrying out geological research. However, this amount was soon transferred to the local self-government's financial service.

In 2010, the local self-governments received an additional 69 million GEL.

IDFI informs that in 2011, the Ministry of Economy initiated giving the rights on construction to the State Service Bureau which according to IDFI, made the process less transparent. According to the documents provided by the Ministry of Finance, the above mentioned company received 60 million and later 10 million GEL for financing the construction and welfare of the Parliament territory in 2011-2012.

“The money spent on constructing the Parliament in 2009-2012 reached 144, 375 300 Georgian Lari," reads IDFI's report. However, the state expenses are much higher than the amount transferred from the state budget, Liberali cites form the reports.

Does the chance of restoring the Soviet Union exist?

On Rezonansi's question of what they think about the possibility of restoring the Soviet Union, poet Jansug Charkviani said it is not bad to have contacts with other countries. However, he said, the Soviet Union was created for conquering other states. "I can hardly imagine the creation of the union like that. It can be achievable in Middle Asia or Baltic countries but it is impossible in Georgia.

He said not only politicians but also public opinion is very decisive in this case. He said Russian intellectual figures will not have the will to recreate the Soviet Union.

Musician Zaza Khutsishvili is confident that the Soviet Union has exhausted its potential and it will be impossible to return the counties to socialism or communism. "None of the countries will give their independence; however, some economic ties may exist," he said.

Film Director Giorgi Shengelaia thinks that some chances exist but countries like Georgia or Ukraine will never join the union. He said it was quite difficult to dissolve the Soviet Union, however, now the countries are promoting their own interests.