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What is the most important national issue for you? And how do you think it can be solved?

Thursday, December 13
“For me language, motherland and religion are the three main issues because I think without them one cannot realize who they are and how they can change the environment.”
Nino, Accountant, 24

“For me, the problems with unemployment are the most alarming because as a post-graduate student, I have to search a relevant job which is really very difficult in Georgia.”
Mari, MA Student, 22

“We have to solve the problem with our breakaway territories Abkhazia and South Ossetia. However, I think integration with NATO and EU can somehow solve the issue of conflict zones.”
Nino, NGO Member, 27

“I think that the main problem of the country is unemployment. This problem should be solved. More jobs and appropriate employees are very much needed.”
Sopho, Social Worker, 24

“One of the main problematic issues is that the new government of Georgia makes people unemployed because they worked within the period of the old government. Official state figures are trying to hide this fact, but on the low stages it is not known for all. During the previous government the unemployment level was 65%, recently it has been grown to 85 % unfortunately.”
Nino, Language Specialist, 24

“I think that the most problematic topic nowadays is the unemployment and all the attention should be directed towards this issue, as almost everything is subordinated on this subject, so its recovery is essential.”
Madona, economist, 27

“For me most prioritized are healthcare and unemployment, both of them are on the first level for me, I hope that the new government’s target will be these two issues.”
Eka, Student, 21

“Unemployment is the most important, because if you are employed than you can provide yourself with the proper healthcare.”
Ia, Journalist, 23

“Poverty and lack of jobs are the most important problems in the country and the only way to solve it is to promote developing small business in Georgia and to establish a better and flexible tax system.”
Baia, manager, 37

“Mostly it bothers me that Russia has still occupied our territories. Regrettably I do not see any ways to solve the problem, well at least for now.”
Ia, customer service agent, 31