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What do you think about Georgian cultural life? How often do you attend cultural events?

Friday, December 14
“I think Georgian society is so politicized that every cultural event makes our dull lives happier. I enjoy attending concerts, films, and performances very much because I am a reporter and I write stories but I think if I were not a newsperson I would an actress.”
Elene, Journalist, 26

“Georgia is a country with great cultural traditions. We have folk dances and music, theatrical and film-making history and our artists are world famous. This is why I am very fond of culture and I always try to attend cultural events in Tbilisi or in the regions.”
Nikoloz, Lawyer, 31

“I have no idea what is going on in the country concerning the issue, what is new in regards to culture... I don't attend cultural events."
Ani, Teacher, 24

“I think that Georgia requires serious reform concerning culture. This field needs to be reformed and cultural ties should be made between various countries. I cannot participate in cultural events as I cannot combine studying with other activities.”
Saba, Student. 18

“Unfortunately I have no time to attend cultural events and therefore I cannot make an adequate assessment about what is going on in this field.”
Nino, Journalist, 26

“I am a recent graduate and I cannot attend cultural events. However I think that Georgia's cultural life is quite healthy."
Mariam, School-leaver, 17

“I don’t think Georgia has a rich cultural life. There are some festivals held or exhibitions opened from time to time but this is definitely not enough.”
Nino, manager, 28