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UK Ambassador to Georgia Judith Gough - Farewell Interview with The Messenger

Monday, December 17
How would you in general assess your time as a UK Ambassador here ?

It has been a great personal honour and privilege to serve as Her Majestyís Ambassador to Georgia. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, both professionally and personally. It has been an interesting and busy time in Georgiaís history and I am grateful to both witness that and modestly be a part of that. I am very grateful to have made such good friends and have been able to travel and explore this beautiful country, a country that although small has deep history and traditions.

Is there anything you wanted to do and didnít have time to do whilst here?

Climb Kazbeghi ! I intended to do it this summer, but as I was pregnant I was advised not to. But I plan to come back and climb it in future.

What was your major achievement during your posting? Something that gave you a satisfaction?

I donít think it is right to claim a personal achievement when success in diplomacy is often achieved by working with others. My work here has been a part of a wider effort from the international community. I have been very grateful to have such good and active diplomatic colleagues. I must also pay tribute to my magnificent Embassy team, without whom, I would not have been able to deliver.

The greatest satisfaction was of course seeing Georgian Parliamentary Elections on 1 October being conducted in largely free and fair manner. This was a significant landmark for Georgia and a major achievement. I hope very much that Georgiaís progress will continue.

A Message to our readers?

I encourage everyone to support your politicians and leaders in working together under the cohabitation. It is everybodyís responsibility to deliver a better future for Georgia.

A Message to The Messenger ?

Keep printing. Keep publishing. We enjoy reading.