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Whom would you like to see as the Head of Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB)?

Monday, December 17
I suggest Kotiko Toloraia, because he is not biased and is not involved in politics at all.
Lali, Reporter, 23

I like Ia Antadze because I think she has always managed to remain an independent journalist.
Nino, Manager, 24

I would choose Davit Akubardia because he is the most objective person ever born.
Zakaria, Sociologist, 29

I would name Larry Flint if I could. I mistrust Georgian public figures.
Gizo, Interpreter, 31

I would name former Rustavi 2 journalist Nika Tabatadze. I think he has good experience in broadcasting, as he has worked as the head of the news department for years.
Magda, MA Student, 23

I think that the candidacy of Lasha Tughushi is very acceptable; he has a very good background in journalism and I think that he has the managerial skills needed for the vacancy."
Kato, student, 23

Zviad Koridze would be great director, as he is very experienced and an expert in this sphere, which I think is very important when choosing the candidate.
Achiko, IT Specialist, 29

It is very difficult to answer this question because this post needs the combination of many features, but I think that Ia Antadze would be suitable.
Tinatin, Lawyer, 27

I would like to see Vasil Maghlaperidze in the position. I think that he will be a good candidate and a nice general director.
Alika, Engineer, 39

I would like to see Giorgi Iakobashvili, the current editor of, as the General Director of the Public Broadcaster.
Koba, Lawyer, 49