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At last Georgian products will return to Russia

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, December 18
Moscow announced that there are no additional problems hindering Georgian products from reaching the Russian market. Russia’s chief sanitation officer Genadi Onishenko, from Rospotrebnadzor, recently stated that around 30 Georgian companies have already expressed their willingness to export their products to the Russian Federation and Moscow is ready to perform all the preliminary activities– inspecting Georgian enterprises on the ground and checking the quality of the products. Of course the major breakthrough must wait until 2013.

Meanwhile, Georgian companies are getting ready for these new opportunities. However, this chance does not mean that Georgia should give up its steps in the direction of entering other world markets. Returning to the Russian market provides new prospects to Georgian agriculture, as most of the export into Russia is based on agricultural products.

In this regard it should be mentioned that Georgia’s agricultural sector has received the highest budget since regaining its independence. The Ministry of Agriculture received 240 million GEL for 2013. In previous years, the budget of this ministry was never more than 60 million. This money will be distributed to supply agricultural machinery, repairing irrigation systems, and assisting the vintage.

Prime Minister Ivanishvili initiated the idea that by spring 2013, every region should have a medium or small sized processing factory.

Around 500 people throughout the country will be specially trained for operating agricultural machinery.