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Zviad Koridze evaluates the issue of GPB

By Keti Arjevanidze
Tuesday, December 18
Every time a political crisis happens in the country, it mostly reflects on the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB), Zviad Koridze, media analyst, head of the Georgian Charter Journalistic Ethics, said at a press conference on December 17, stressing that this problem is caused by the political bias of GPB’s board of trustees.

Koridze discussed which directions GBP should take after Gia Chanturia’s resignation.

Gia Chanturia resigned from the post of GPB’s general Director on December 13th; non- fulfilment of promises was named as the reason for his resignation.

Koridze believes that Chanturia’s decision was based on the verdict of GPB’s board of trustees’. However, Koridze considers that their decision was accelerated.

The reason behind Chanturia’s resignation is not clear for Koridze; he thinks that Chanturia is obliged to explain the real reasons behind his decision. He also highlighted the GPB’s board’s obligation to inform society about the reasons of the crisis in the TV Company.

According to Koridze, the board avoided Chanturia from the responsibility by accepting his resignation. Koridze thinks that by accepting Chanturia’s resignation, GPB’s board of trustees tried to discharge the situation that existed at TV company.

Media analysts think that GPB’s board of trustees was the political instrument for the previous government, “what happens in GPB is an outcome of political processes,” said Koridze.

Media analysts think that problems in GPB appeared after the parliamentary elections, on October 1st.

Head of the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics thinks that it is a suitable period to find ways on how to transform GPB. Koridze encouraged journalists and various social institutions to think together about the acceptable reforms for the TV company.

Koridze also called upon the GPB’s board members to take a different position, to communicate with the society and with different media institutions. “An open conversation should start about the reformation of TV company," stated Koridze.

Media analysts criticized the board’s decision to choose a candidate for the General Director’s position based on biographic data, “even on the first stage.” According to him, it decreases the standard of GPB and indicates the fact that the board is in a hurry, but the reason for their hurry is not clear.

GPB’s General Director’s position is still vacant. The Board of Trustees declared an open contest for the post on December 16th. It will have two stages. Over 40 candidates have already filed out applications.