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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Tuesday, December 18
Two months after the elections

Two months after the election, Georgian Dream pre-election promises have not been fulfilled. What is the reason for this and how is this reflected on their rating. Newspaper Mteli Kvira asked this question to society.

Lana Gogoberidze (Director): The government needs time- maybe 100 days at least. These 100 days have not passed, and I think we should wait for it. The second, what I consider important, is that the unrest began after so many years; it means that people have different opinions. As for the restoration of justice, now there is the struggle for the restoration of justice.

According to the latest ratings, Ivanishvili still has a high rating; however, it can be lowered, because it is natural. Then rise again. This is a normal process.

Misha Tavkhelidze (political analyst) The Georgian dream "is not going to fulfil this promise, this was simply pre-election populist rhetoric. However, these two months should be noted that political revenge is being carried out. So if the Georgian dream will continue to take revenge, it will gain no more political rating.

Merab Kokochashvili (Director): First of all, there is not enough time to feel any radical changes; I think that shortly tariffs should be lowered.

Tbilisi University rejects Barnov as dean

Tbilisi's Scientific Council rejected Andro Barnov as the dean of social sciences. Four out of Seven members of the council voted against Barnov. Out of three candidates only Barnov has no degree. Two candidates– Gaprindashvili and Jorbenadze will run for dean on December 21.