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What do you think on ongoing Georgian-Russian relations?

Tuesday, December 18
Well, I think that the dialogue and negotiations between the two states is very important, I hope that the process will be successfully concluded. However, on the other hand, I think that Russia will raise such preconditions which might be unacceptable for Georgian interests.”
Mano, Editor, 28

“The process of negotiations with Russia is underway and the fact is positive of course. Georgia has no alternative. The new government has to improve all those shortcomings which were left by President Saakashvili.”
Avtandil, Engineer, 38

“First of all we have to start a talk, it is impossible to continue the way it has been for the last few years. It is clear that none of the parties is going to give up their positions. But we have to find a starting point somehow. Hopefully the special envoy will play a positive role in the process”
David, driver, 47

“It is hard to start talks with Russians, but at least we have to try to. There are always 2 ways to solve the problem negotiations or war. We definitely cannot afford to be involved in another war with Russia.”
Nino, student, 18

“Think we can see some progress, as recently we’ve heard about possibility to open Russian market for Georgian product. I believe this is correct, we should start with restoring economic and cultural relations”
Nino, manager, 37

“I think that the relationships are on the stage of recovery, I hope that concessions will be achieved and normal, diplomatic relationships will be established among these two neighboring countries.”
Tiko, Student, 21

“I do not think that the relationship exists at all, I do not think that the negotiations will have any result, it would be better if we will not waste time meeting with Russian officials.”
Giorgi, student, 19