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What do you think about President Saakashvili’s initiative to issue grants for media from his reserve fund?

Wednesday, December 19
“I think his decision to push forward such an initiative is intended to demonstrate that he is a “democratic” leader. He is attempting to help Media to be free and organized. It might be a political initiative but will be favorable for the media.”
Saba, Student, 18

“I do not agree to this initiative. I think that the reserve fund must be spent during and after accidents, catastrophes and for some special occasions.”
Sipho, Social Worker, 24

“Where was he until now? Was he sleeping? It seems the changed political situation has affected him…”
Teo, Language Specialist, 25

“I think Saakashvili thus gave a chance to Tamar Chergoleishvili (Editor of Tabula) and Rustavi 2 to get financial support “legally”.”
Mariam, MA Student, 23

“I agree with Ivanishvili’s statement that this is very ridiculous, why did he not remember about the media’s freedom before? Now they lost power and are finding any possible way.”
Salome, Journalist, 23

“Now we do not have time to judge Saakashvili’s decision, let’s use this chance because otherwise this money would be spent on something else, and with a big possibility on useless things, but all these actions by Saakashvili are intended to gain people’s positive attitude before the presidential elections.”
Irakli, teacher, 26

"I'm not happy with the initiative. The reserve fund should be used for more important issues, for homeless kids, or education or anything similar, in normal countries media belongs to the business sector and it should be treated as any other business would have been. If the media needs grants there are some international media foundations available."
Saba, lawyer, 25

"Does our media really need grants? I'm sure the media in Georgia definitely needs some support from the government, but I'd prefer money from the fund to be spent for a better cause"
Nino, service manager, 34