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Wheat production issues

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, December 20
Georgian imports its wheat. However, it has the potential to satisfy up to 30% of its demand. In 2003 Georgia had 117, 000 hectares of wheat fields, which yielded 225, 000 tons of wheat. That satisfied over 24% of Georgia’s demand for the product. In 2009, the land plots for wheat decreased twice and reached 57, 500 hectares. In 2010, the lands of wheat were nearly 50, 000 hectares, in 2011 – 41 000. However, in 2012 this figure increased to 55, 000. Meanwhile the amount of imported wheat in the country has also increased. Many agricultural analysts agree that this segment needs substantial assistance from the state and hope that the current investments in the agricultural sector and a wise strategy will improve the situation in this direction.