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2013 state budget confirmed

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Monday, December 24
The 2013 state budget was confirmed on December 20. The budget is focused on social-economic benefits and reflects those promises which had been given by the coalition Georgian Dream during the pre-election period. The parliamentary minority did not take part in the budget’s discussion process, as the representatives of the United National Movement left the parliament a day before as an act of protest concerning the arrests of UNM former officials.

Budgetary incomes cover GEL 7.4 billion and expenses consist of GEL 7.2 billion for the 2013 state budget.

Social expenses have been increased to GEL 630 million for 2013. Financing of the Ministry of Health will also be increased to GEL 535 million.

From April 1, 2013, pensions will be increased to GEL 125. From September 1 pension will become the equal of the living minimum and will be GEL 150. The pension of other categories of invalids, those who have no bread winner and politically repressed ones will be increased to GEL 100 (from GEL 70 and GEL 55).

From February 1, those residents who have no insurance will receive minimal insurance packages (treatment in emergency situation), the same individuals will receive base insurance package starting in July.

Those socially unprotected citizens who have up to 57 000 points (special counting system, based on possessions of the families) will have their assistance doubled.

Funding of the ministries through 2013 state budget:
Ministry of Healthcare and Social Protection – GEL 2.345 billion (2012 – GEL 1.821 billion);
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources - GEL 118.7 million (2012 - GEL 310.9 mln);
Justice Ministry - GEL 67.6 million (2012 - GEL 56.5 mln);
Ministry in charge of prison system – GEL 174.3 million (2012 – GEL 128.3 mln);
Foreign Ministry - GEL 80 million (2012 – GEL 82.8 mln);
Defense Ministry - GEL 660 million (2012 – GEL 730 million)
Interior Ministry - GEL 570 million (2012 – GEL 587.8 million)
Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure – GEL 901 million (2012 - GEL 717.1 million);
Ministry of Education and Science – GEL 670 million (2012 – GEL 625.7 mln);
Ministry of Agriculture - GEL 241 million (2012 – GEL 229.9 million);
Finance Ministry – GEL 100 million (2012 – GEL 108.2 mln);
Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development – GEL 82.5 million (2012 - GEL 145.4 million);
Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees - GEL 48 million (2012 – GEL 39.2 million);
Office of the State Minister for Reintegration Issues – GEL 1.3 million (2012 – GEL 1.2 million);
Office of the State Minister for Integration into European and Euro-Atlantic Structures – GEL 2.3 million (2012 – 2.3 million);
Ministry of Culture and Protection of Monuments – GEL 80 million (2012 – GEL 93 million);
Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs - GEL 47.2 million (2012 – GEL 59.4 million);
Ministry of Environment Protection - GEL 27.2 million (2012 – GEL 19.3 million);
Office of the State Minister for Diaspora Issues – GEL 850,000 (2012 - GEL 850,000).

Funding of the Parliament and some other institutions related with the parliament is increased from GEL 41.1 million to GEL 60 million in 2013. Part of the funds will be spent on the rehabilitation of the old parliament building. Funding of the President’s reserve fund was decreased to GEL 10 million from GEL 50 million and the government’s reserve fund will receive GEL 50 million instead of GEL 70 million.

Funds for the National Security Council will be seriously decreased and will be reduced to GEL 1.8 million instead of GEL 21 million.

Minister of Finance, Nodar Khaduri emphasized that all pre-election promises of the coalition were reflected in the budget of 2013. Fellow representatives of the majority liked the budget and underscored that the minority would not have had remarks and questions concerning the budget as it covered all issues the coalition was speaking before coming to power.

The parliamentary minority does not share this view.

“There were several meetings and discussions concerning the issue and we had expressed our different attitudes concerning the issue,” MP, Nugzar Tsiklauri told The Messenger.