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What chance will the United National Movement have in the case of snap parliamentary elections?

Monday, December 24
“In my mind, it will be really unbeneficial from the United National Movement as the coalition Georgian Dream will manage to get a constitutional majority in such a case.”
Levan, Student, 21

“How one can have the illusion that after 9 years of brutality, threatening of people, creating of hard economic conditions, illegal arrests and killing people, that Georgians would vote for the United National Movement? I think that even prison is too good for them, for the representatives of the UNM. People have already assessed the former government’s actions and will always asses accordingly such issues.”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 27

"Probably it won't bring any different results for UNM. Georgina Dream will still claim a majority of the seats in the parliament"
Nino, economist, 32

"I think the possible results of the elections are unpredictable at the moment, GD has not had enough time to prove they are to be trusted, and the UNM had 9 years of making the wrong decisions, therefore people can be a bit confused at the moment."
Nana, housewife, 56

“In my opinion the result will be the same, despite Georgian society’s awareness of the promises made by the Georgian Dream that have not come true.”
Nino, student, 21

“I think that in this case the situation is completely unpredictable, because the situation took an ambiguous direction”
Beka, student, 20