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Which candidate would you support for the position of General Director of Georgian Public Broadcaster: Natia Aramia, Megi Tavdumadze, Giorgi Baratashvili, Nikoloz Makharashvili, Tinatin Rukhadze and why?

Wednesday, December 26
“I support Natia Abramia as a candidate. I trust her personal values and her responsible attitude towards the challenges GPB is facing nowadays.”
Tina, Radio Broadcaster, 34

“I support Natia Abramia, because I find her most constructive in her approaches towards the public broadcaster and media in general, but I am not sure whether she will manage to deal with that huge broadcasting or not… However, she has extensive professional experience at BBC, she has the relevant educational background and practical skills, but I do not know anything about her managerial abilities.”
Inga, Ecologist, 32

“Natia Abramia is the most competent and experienced candidate to start with, also she has open views in general which can be something Georgian 'reserved' media can hugely benefit from.”
Albert, MA Student, 23

“Nati Abramia will definitely make the best candidate for the position. She is a very experienced journalist, who has worked in media since her teenage years and she has been involved in every part of the media, starting as a reporter to the managing level. What is the most significant about her is that she always manages to stay independent from any type of influence."
Saba, lawyer, 25

“I have to say Megi Tavdumadze has impressed me much. Her education background is significant and obviously she has perfect managing skills, which is regrettably rare in Georgia at the moment. GPB is a huge organization and its management always used to fail. I think Tavdumadze can fix many problems there. Also he has spent most of her life abroad and I believe this makes her to be absolutely neutral and free from political influence. “
Nodar, customer service manager, 34,

“My favorite candidate is Natia Abramia. She is a very smart and motivated person and most important, she does not have any political background or intentions. I have watched the debates and my opinions about her have been strengthened. If she is elected, I hope GPB will work according to our people’s interest.”
Etuna, PR Manager, 25

“Not sure but think from those candidates Natia Abramia is better than others.”
Lile, Reporter, 24