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Sale of agricultural lands stopped

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, December 27
The Georgian Ministry of Economy has informed that the sale of agricultural lands should be stopped immediately. The appropriate research and expert evaluation should be launched and privatization policy should also be properly elaborated. Analysts recommend that special studies be carried out and the experiences of other countries be shared in an effort to regulate the situation. For several years the Rose administration had been selling Georgian agricultural land mostly to foreigner. The lands were sold for such a cheap price that it has become attractive for foreigners; whereas the Georgian population who was and is poor, could not afford buying much land. According to different sources, land in Georgia has been sold to Indian, Chinese, Iranian, Turkish and other nationalities without any limits. The Ministry of Economy has shown no interest whatsoever in finding out how these lands would be utilized by the new owners. There were even some scandalous cases when the farmers were deprived of the land which they had taken by lease and cultivated. As such, parliament will prepare and adopt a law regulating property rights in Georgia including for local and foreign citizens.