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Thursday, December 27
“Parliamentary minority is against snap elections.”

Goka Gabahsviuli says that the “President was clear that he does not plan to dismiss either the government or parliament.” It is a fact that Ivanishvili’s government is inefficient and many things are done inappropriately. However, neither the president nor anyone else in the UNM has spoken about dismissing parliament or the government.

Analist Nika Chitatdze says that a political crisis and snap elections would not serve the country’s interests. However, in the case that elections are called for, the Georgian Dream will still be successful. “Based on the latest research done by NDI and IRI, the Georgian Dream still has the highest ratings. However, there is no guarantee that the results will not be changed by the spring,” he said. Chitatdze also mentioned that the latest events, including the detention of Nika Gvaramia, may have a negative impact on the government’s rating.

Expert, Soso Tsiskarishvili is confident that the UNM will lose any election that takes place in the following 2-3 years. “A positive result is guaranteed for Ivanishvili,” the expert commented. (Rezonansi)

Lado Papava: “We have to be wise the next year, as our rival is strong and insidious”

“2012 has been a very tough year for our economy… Especially for the banking sector,” Professor Lado Papava told to Kvela Siakhle in his interview. He strictly criticizes the bank association and says it is time for reorganization.

Papava said that he fears that the upcoming year will be politically tense. President Saakashvili can try to take revenge and make sure his candidate wins the presidential elections. “We already know that Saakashvili’s government was a criminal government, however, it is very hard for the West to recognize that.”