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Do you think questioning and arrests of the former officials should stop?

Thursday, December 27
“If some officials are suspended in committing a crime or they can provide useful information for the investigation it is absolutely normal to summon them for questioning or even detain them. Hopefully new government will try to be balanced and the investigations will never turn into political persecution.”
Saba, 25 lawyer

“The previous government was in power for about 9 years and I don’t believe that all the officials were perfect. If the prosecutor’s office has some grounded questions to former official they have to reply.”
Nino, customer service expert, 34

“I think it is too much now. Maybe the former officials are not perfect but I don’t believe they are criminals. The latest investigations and arrests really look like political persecution to me”.
Giorgi, credit office, 38

“Well, I do not think that the investigations and questioning of the former officials should be stopped. All who committed crime should answer. Otherwise there will not be normal situation in the country.”
Ketevan, Teacher, 24

“Well, I think the process should go on. However, investigations and reasons of detention should be proved. I think that more transparency is needed in this direction and absurd accusations concerning some former officials should be removed.
Revaz, MA Student, 22

“I do not support the process to stop… there are individuals who committed crimes among the former officials. It is the general truth that if somebody committed a crime he should answer for this. If somebody is innocent he will be released.”
Madonna, Resource Officer, 25

“The questioning and arrests (if they are needed) should continue, however the process should be transparent and should not leave any doubts in legitimacy.”
Temo, Journalist, 27