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Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict results enclosed border between Armenia and Turkey

By Messenger Staff
Friday, December 28
Armenian analyst, Artak Shakarian, believes that normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia, which would result in the opening of borders between the two countries, would become more realistic if Armenian-Azeri relations are regulated. After the Russian attack on Georgia in 2008, there were signs of warming of relations between Turkey and Armenia; however, the Azeri position remained close to their principles. Azerbaijan demands its strategic alley Turkey to keep a strict position with regards to Armenia, which currently occupies Azeri territories. This includes agreements concerning the opening of Armenia-Turkey borders, which will not be concluded unless Yerevan de occupies Azeri territories. On October 10, 2009 Turkish and Armenian foreign ministers signed an agreement in Switzerland regarding the opening of borders between the two countries; however, the Turkish parliament did not ratify the agreement demanding de occupation of Azeri territories by Armenia. As a result, Yerevan also did not ratify the agreement.