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Compiled by Ana Robakidze
Friday, December 28
Giga Bokeria may be questioned by the Prosecutorís Office

In an article published in Akhali Taoba, it states: ďDespite the United National Movement efforts, the Western world is aware that there has never been an independent judicial system during the time Saakashviliís government was in power.Ē

The article says that now the new government may have some questions for officials from the presidentís team, those who used to be the most influential members and have accumulated millions abroad. Investigations may also have obtained some evidence against former officials.

Reportedly there has been a serious scandal with regards to 50 million GEL, which was paid to lobbyist companies from the National Security Councilís (NSC) budget. The legality of the transaction is now under question.

ďIt is just a matter of time, until Giga Bokeria (chair of the NSC) will be summoned for questioning by the Prosecutorís Office.Ē The article also claims that the Prosecutorís Office has received an official letter from a foreign state, informing them that a citizen of their country has been forced by one of the Georgian Ministers to purchase ten very expensive cars for him. Prosecutor in Chief Archil Kbilashvili states that the fact will be investigated and the process has already been launched.

Presidentís visit to Afghanistan still nightmare for Georgian soldiers

President Saakashvili will spend New Yearís Eve with Georgian soldiers, who are currently serving in Afghanistan within the framework of ISAF. This will be the president's second visit to Afghanistan. Military experts considered that announcing the visit beforehand may put the security of soldiers under threat.

Archil Gamzardia, an expert in public communications management, says that presidentís announcement about his plans to spend New Year with Georgian soldiers is just another step in the rehabilitation of his reputation in the eyes of the public. Experts believe that this attempt will not bring any beneficial results to the president, especially considering that Saakashvili has never visited soldiers during past few years.

Military analyst Koba Liklikadze thinks that the presidentís first visit to Afghanistan, which took place in February 2012, is still a nightmare for Georgian soldiers to remember. The next day Afghanistan extremists based in Helmand province attacked and exploded a Georgian military vehicle, killing three soldiers.