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How would you describe Georgia's year and your personal experiences?

Friday, December 28
“It was not a very positive year for me. However, I think that 2012 was such a positive year for Georgia. Lots of changes took place. Whether those changes remain positive, only time will tell. The changing of the government in a peaceful manner was a very important event in Georgian history, as well as how Georgians learnt how to express and defend their views.”
Manana, Editor in Chief, 28

“I think it was a really horrible year. Lots of negative things happened all around the world. I am glad that this year is reaching its end.”
Tato, unemployed, 22

“I think that it was a very important year for the country. Some essential changes took place and those changes indirectly influenced me as well, thus, it turned out to be important for me.”
Sopho, social worker, 25

“It was a very tough year for our country and it reflected on our mood and attitudes. We have experienced a lot in 2012 and it is strange how time has passed so quickly.”
Luka, PR Manager, 36

“The year 2012 has been quite successful for me in both my career and personal life. I started a new job and increased my experience. I visited two of foreign countries, Turkey and Greece, as well my salary increased… so to sum up the year 2012 for me and my family it has been quite normal. In terms of the country, there have been some street rallies and demonstrations and the election, which changed the country’s political situation significantly. We have new ruling party and are waiting for some realistic changes in the country and its economy. I hope that political process started in 2012 will have a good result in 2013 and the upcoming years.”
Tako, reporter, 27

“2012 has gone so quickly that I miss my university classes so much! I am just graduating from GIPA’s MA course and yesterday we had the final practical assignment – we are making a current affairs program. It is so interesting to act, to feel and to think like a real journalist – a team member. I think this year had been most amazing for me in terms of personal relationships as well as my career and I wish that each year continues to get even better.”
Salome, MA student, 24

“This year I changed my job to a more interesting one and I am now getting used to my new position as a manager. Even though I still miss my previous job, I think it was time for me to move to a different field because I had done a lot as a researcher. I am really happy to see calm faces when I go out in the street every day. I think the change in government has affected people's lives in general, although I still feel that we - Georgians still lack peace. 2012 has been a hard, but successful year for me as a person, and as a citizen of a democratic country.”
Nikoloz, manager, 31