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IDPs in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, December 31
Exact data regarding Georgia's population do not exist. Election registration records showed that it is around 4 million. Many analysts challenge this figure and think that the real figure is less. However, it was easier for the Ministry of Refugees to give more or less accurate figures about the IDPs in the country. Minister Davit Darakhvelidze announced that there are 267, 000 IDPs in the country, which is approximately 88, 000 families. The priority in solving the problems of IDPs is to satisfy them with appropriate accommodations. So far 25, 000 families have been looked after, whereas the Minister promised that the rest of the IDP housing issues will be addressed by the end of 2014. Besides the fact that the country has its own IDPs and appropriate problems, there is still the migration of other nationalities to Georgia. Some claim that they are coming for business. However, many come and settle in Georgia. There is an increasing number of Chinese, Indian, Arab and African immigrants.