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What do you wish for in the New Year?

Monday, December 31
“I wish we had a free country where the rights of people are fully protected.”
Keti, MA Student, 25

“First thing I want is my family, my friends and everyone around me to be happy and my main wish for this year is to be accepted from the university I want to go to.”
Ana, University entrant, 18

“Well, I have many wishes and luckily, the majority of them is very simple and can become true, except the one: I want Russian troops to finally leave Georgia”.
Saba, Lawyer, 25

“I wish to spend New Year’s Eve in Paris. That’s not going to happen but still...”
Nini, student, 19

“I want to meet the next New Year in Europe.”
Giorgi, Unemployed, 24

“Iphone 5 and Canon photo camera.”
Lali, MA Student, 23

“I don't wish just happiness, whatever it means to me and to the people who I love.”
Tornike, Journalist, 26

“What I wish is to have increased salary from January 2013. Hopefully my boss will try to be a good Santa Claus.”
Sopho, linguist, 27

“For the last several years I have been dreaming about a free and fair country with happy people and a prosperous future, but this used to remain in my dreams. However, this year will be different. Georgia has new leadership and it means a lot. Every day I go out of my home and see calm people talking about their lives, at least not the politics. Everyone around is looking for a better future and I do wish 2013 will be the year of happiness for each of us and the entire country.”
Lamara, Pensioner, 65

“I have two small sisters and every year I fulfill their New Year wishes. As they are small and still believe in Santa Claus, I try to be very careful with them not to make them upset on their most favorite national festival. Being their “Santa” I do not have even time to think about what I want because their joy makes me feel enough satisfied with what I have.”
Elene, Interpreter, 28