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Prime Minister addresses the country

By Keti Arjevanidze
Friday, January 4
Bidzina Ivanishvili, the Prime Minister of Georgia, greeted Georgians on the New Year.

“A new, more difficult, but very interesting stage is beginning for our country’s freedom and democracy” said Ivanishvili, as he looked back on 2012 and revealed the plans of the new government for 2013.

It is the first time in Georgian political history when the PM addressed the population on the New Year Eve. In his speech, Ivanishvili promised that Georgia will inevitably become a European country and come closer to the membership with NATO and EU.

The PM appealed to the government and society to stand together to build a country which will take an honorable place in the international community.

Ivanishvili also evaluated the steps taken by parliament in the past two months. He said this was a very short period to perform the necessary changes in the country, although the establishment of the rule of law instead of political settlements and selective justice has begun in earnest.

According to PM the process of restoring justice in Georgia is completely transparent.

Ivanishvili said that the new parliament and government showed to society their main priorities, which are directed to the socially equitable development of the state. “We planned the 2013 budget so that it completely became focused on the people,” he said.

The PM laid out ways for economic development in the country. According to him, Georgia should become an interesting country for investments. “The strengthening of civil society should become a guarantor that Georgia will never return to the era of violence and fear," said the PM.

GD leader also pointed out the approaches towards “those, who were in the business of lies and violence.” According to him, after winning the parliamentary elections, it is the duty of his coalition to treat those with dignity, who intentionally or unintentionally were lying and committing violence. “We should spare no effort to help them take their dignified place within society,” said Ivanishvili.

Ivanishvili said the main achievement of 2012 was the close unity of people and their fight for freedom. He thanked everybody, Georgians and non-Georgian’s living in Georgia and emigrants as well, for supporting him, for fighting together and for the victory achieved together in 2012.

The PM hoped that by standing together Georgia will accomplish its aims and wishes.