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How did you celebrate New Year?

Friday, January 4
“Well. I celebrated this New Year in my home village with my family members, friends and relatives. Of course we drank, sang songs, and danced and so on… it was really memorable for me as during the last 7 years I have not spent such a great time.”
Temo, Engineer, 28

“I celebrated it with my new brother-in-law. The whole family met in the restaurant; it was amazing.”
Ninia, MA Student, 23

“I thought that I did not believe in prejudices, but this year convinced me that somehow I consider the advice the astrologist gave me, as I was told that this year we should spend in a family atmosphere, I did so, in a very calm and lovely environment, but in old new year I plan to spend it outside, I am happy that I spend new year at home.”
Keti, Reporter, 24

“I celebrated New Year at home with family as usual.”
Saba, Interpreter, 31

“I saw New Year at my friend’s place in a calm family environment with warm red wine, barbeque and a lot of joyful stories from the memory. It was one of the most pleasant days for me since my childhood.”
Giorgi, Economist, 28

“Well. I spent it really very nice, with my family, I am very satisfied.”
Lika, Manager, 24

“It was great. I have a feeling that 2013 will be the best year. I wished 2012 to finish as soon as possible as lots of bad things occurred in the year thorough the world. I am glad now.”
Tato, Economist, 22