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Three months after the parliamentary elections

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, January 8
A difficult three months have passed since the parliamentary elections on October 1, 2012, which brought the Georgian Dream coalition to power. All of October was spent on the formation of parliament and government. From November-December, the fulfillment and adoption of the 2013 state budget was on the agenda. The new ministers needed some time to become acquainted with their ministries, appoint new deputies and start working. It appeared that there were many discrepancies in almost all the ministries, which had to be improved. Then Christmas and New Year celebrations started, but still some positive moves have been made. Salaries for teachers have increased, so have pensions. Tariffs on electricity were decreased and some IDP families have received new places of residence. Though population wants more and in the shortest period of time, reality is dictates otherwise. The new administration has done its best to comply with the demands of the population.