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Did you sign the petition demanding the resignation of President Saakashvili and what do you think about this initiative?

Tuesday, January 8
“I have not signed the petition, but I think Saakashvili’s presidential term expires on the 20th of January and he should leave the post.”
Salome, Interpreter, 25

“I will definitely join the people in demanding Saakashvili’s resignation. It is quite strange that the president should govern the country for the whole 9 months since his term of presidency expires. I think the wisest decision would be to give the power to parliamentary chairman temporarily.”
Ilia, Lawyer, 35

“Yes I did it was about a month ago. I was walking down Rustaveli Avenue and I suddenly saw a cabin there where people were gathering.”
Mamuka, unemployed, 52

“I just think that everything has to be according to the constitution and the constitution says that every president of Georgia will be elected in October. Of course I didn't sign.”
Saba, Student, 18

“I like Saakashvili because I think that a president is now needed for our country, as we are in a non-beneficial situation. The current situation is similar to dark 90s for us."
Nino, NGO employee, 24

“No, I've not signed it. I think it is better for the future development of the country if the president serves his term till the end, until the new president is elected."
Saba, lawyer 25

"Well, I have not signed the petition, however I do support it, as I don't think Saakashvili has been good enough as a president"
Nana, housewife 52