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Partnership Fund’s plans for 2013

By Messenger staff
Wednesday, January 9
Irakli Kovzanadze, Executive Director of the Partnership Fund, held press conference on January 8th. The aim of the meeting was to reveal the plans for 2013 and to discuss the tasks that the fund is going to solve in the sphere of investments and in various business directions.

According to Kovzanadze, the fund’s aim is to support private investments in different directions, such as like energy, agriculture, processing industry and real estate. Kovzanadze added that Partnership Fund has important and serious plans in this regard.

“One of the important plans for this year is to fill the deficit which is in long-term capital,” said the Executive Director. According to him, the fund works in two directions: first, the management of the companies that work with their capital and second– investment projects from their portfolio that the Partnership Fund is going to significantly increase this year.

The executive director also discussed the Georgia's tourism potential. According to him there is an investment agency in the Partnership Fund, which works on the estimation of tourism potential in the country. Kovzanadze mentioned that the investment agency works with famous investment consultancy and international organizations and soon an international forum is planned.

“If the flow of investments stopped, it means that the project needed additional analysis, determination of its efficiency and how useful it was for Georgia,” said Kovzanadze while discussing foreign investments issues.