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How optimistic do you feel about 2013 and why?

Wednesday, January 9
I do not feel optimistic because I know that there will not be peace in Georgia."
Tornike, Economist, 23

I feel optimistic about 2013 because I hope I will get married.
Ana, Translator, 25

I feel very optimistic, but not now for me the New Year will start from January, 14 known as old New Year.
Nini, Office Manager, 29

I feel so optimistic you cannot even imagine. They say 13 is an unlucky number, but now I am looking forward to everything special. I think it partly depends on our brand new government.
Gvantsa, Interpreter, 31

'I do feel optimistic, as I was planning my second baby in 2013 and Bidzina Ivanishvili just decided to save our money so we could give a birth for free."
Sophio, Sales Manager, 30

I feel very optimistic, because the famous astrologer Michael Tsagareli said it will be a good year for those who are born under Libra zodiac, so it should be a good year for me.
Mako, Customer Service Agent, 21

2013 year is not exception when Im feeling optimistic, because Im always optimistic and it really helps me, pessimism never has a good point so I try to look to the future positively.
Irina, Bank Employee, 26

I feel very optimistic about 2013, the political situation in the country gives me the reason to feel so, I hope that the political situations improvement will help to develop other spheres as well.
Irakli, Student, 20