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Monday, January 14
Saakashvili moves to residential palace in Zugdidi

President Mikheil Saakashvili may move to the residential palace in Zugdidi, in the Samegrelo region and govern the country from there. Rezonansi reports that although Saakashvili did not make an official statement on the matter, he did mention his plan at the meeting with the Samegrelo local self-government on Thursday.

Kakhi Kakhishvili head of the political technologies centre refrained from seriously discussing this issue. He said wherever Saakashvili goes, he gives privilege to that particular region to win the goodwill of local people. If the President decides to dissolve the government it will be followed by a serious wave, which can damage the United National Movement (UNM) and the President,” Kakhishvili told Rezonansi.

According to the analyst, Saakashvili says a lot of things. However, one cannot differentiate between the truth and what is just conjecture.

How do you feel about the upcoming constitutional changes?

The parliamentary majority is planning to carry out constitutional changes. By adopting these changes, the president's powers will be curtailed and the parliament can be moved back to Tbilisi. Rezonansi asked public figures to share their opinion on these proposed constitutional changes. “Is it good or bad to implement these changes?” Rezonansi asked the public.

Poet Mikheil Ghanighashvili believes that balancing the rights of the President and the government through the constitutional amendments is a good thing. However, he thinks if the President preserves “nominal rights” it would be negative for the country. The poet also thinks that a huge amount of money was spent on the new Parliament building, while the old one is out of order. “I do not know where and how it (Parliament) will be moved. I think it will be fine if it remains in Kutaisi,” said Ghanighashvili.

Musician Zaza Khutsishvili said the president is making decisions that are unacceptable for the new ruling party. For this he gave the example of appointing the former head of the MIA’s General Inspection, Tengiz Gunava, as the Samegrelo Governor, who was recently charged with several offenses. “His case is not fully studied. However, he was still appointed as governor,” Khutsishvili said doubting that the representatives of United National Movement (UNM) are trying hard to somehow hinder the new government. “I think the old government should get used to the fact that they cannot make decisions anymore,” said the musician welcoming returning the Parliament building to Tbilisi.